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This Week’s Update:

Webisode #17 – “Transitions: Rules Lawyers”

March 29, 2014

Part Three of Episode Four:

Webisode #16 – “Transitions: 250xp”

March 22, 2014

Part Two of Episode Four:

Webisode #15 – “Transitions: Look Who’s Coming to Gaming”

March 15, 2014

Part One of Episode Four:

Webisode #14 – Transitions: Death of a Dungeon Master

Game Bangers: the Web-Series was launched in May 2013. Following in the steps of “Gamers: Dorkness Rising” and inspired by “The Guild” and “Legend of Neil”.

In the not-so-distant future, tabletop gaming has become illegalized. Gamers must now play in underground groups, while hiding their activities from the police.

“Game Bangers” is a reality TV show (set within the series) that follows police as they strive to purge America of the scourge of gaming.

“Game Bangers: The Web-Series” consists of 5 minute Webisodes that will be released online every other week.

“Game Bangers: The Web-Series” was officially launched at Motor City Comic Con 2013, in Detroit, MI.
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“Quite possibly the best comedy gamer webseries to be filmed in Lansing, MI this year!” – Random guy at the bar

“I laughed. I cried. I pee’d my pants! And then I saw the webseries.” – Creepy guy at the library

“What’s with all the dice?” – My mom